Corporate responsibility: Saving the arts and inspiring creativity

The society will always be in need of significant and eye opening art. Supporting institutions that foster the arts nurtures a healthy community. Inspiring creativity among people is a noble goal for companies who are seeking to fulfill their corporate responsibilities. The heart of philanthropy is to bring about a holistic change to the lives of many.

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Often thought of as expensive hobbies, fine arts and other creative fields must be accessible to everyone. Unfortunately, only a few people can freely pursue these interests. Seeing the impact of good art in the lives of people from different sectors of society inspires companies to take part in developing the field. Through funding museums, art institutes, workshops and exhibits, the daily lives of many can be injected with creativity.

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Creativity can bring about much needed change in the lives of many. The passion seen in artworks can unleash hidden potential from those they serve. Even if there are no tangible returns in funding art, the result can be seen in increased appreciation and participation of the beneficiaries. In whichever form and field, generosity becomes a testament to a company’s legacy.

Founded in Kansas City, Missouri, by Amit Raizada and Phillip Rouse, Spectrum Business Ventures values seeing opportunities in unexpected places. It focuses on capital solutions, growth strategy counseling, and real estate. The company’s varied roster includes more than 70 companies and real estate holdings nationwide. To get updates from SBV, visit this Facebook page.


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